error while building with MokoMakefile: unparsed line

Rod Whitby rod at
Mon Feb 19 09:37:11 CET 2007

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> I get a diffferent error (using MokoMake)
> ERROR: Error in executing:
> /Volumes/OE/moko/openembedded/packages/quilt/
> ERROR: Exception:exceptions.UnboundLocalError Message:local variable
> 'md5data' referenced before assignment
> What is the correct fix for this?

That looks like an OE error unrelated to MokoMakefile.

You'll need to give the OE folks some more background to your bug report
(i.e. what type of machine you're running it on).

I've never personally seen that error on Debian Etch.

-- Rod

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