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You think you're so right about architecture and software development
that you are writing code when less than 3 weeks ago an email was sent
to the entire list stating that there had been some hardware

Yeh right, so the manufacturer is still bedding down the design and
architecture but you say that I'm spouting FUD.

Please don't bullshit yourself.

As for Savaje being Java so not relevant - BZZZT kind of right but not
really. The issue we had with the Savaje handset was access at the
hardware level, basically we were unable to implement our Java voip
applications because of hardware access to the microphone limitations.

Like I said - you may want to wait until FIC release a final emulator



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> Dean Collins schreef:
> > Yeh right, personally after my experiences with development on the
> > Savaje OS last year anyone coding without a 100 authentic emulator
> > wasting their time.
> Right, Savaje doesn't reuse desktop technology (java doesn't count),
so your
> response is
> just pure FUD, please don't do that.
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