Software Emulator

Michael Welter mike at
Sat Feb 17 21:11:40 CET 2007

A little OT, but under what circumstances would a developer require a 
debug board?

Koen Kooi wrote:

> What do you want to emulate?
> If it's the cpu, qemu can do that, but not 100%, so you still need a real arm920t device
> to test on.
> If it's the screen, you don't have a 300dpi screen on your desk, so you still need a real
> device to see if the gui makes sense.
> If it's the touchscreen, you also need a real device.
> If it's the gsm modem, you still need a external modem.
> If it's just the apps, Xoo is good enough.
> Running openmoko built natively inside Xoo/Xephyr/Xnest is Good Enough(tm) for the biggest
> part of people trying to get an idea of openmoko.
> The strenght of openmoko is that it (re)uses 'desktop' technologies for nearly everything,
>  so you don't need a VM to run symbian in or hack in a virtual framebuffer to get
> 'embbeded' guis do display. It's just plain old X.
> Please don't stare yourself blind on an 'emulator', since your desktop already emulates
> 90% of the openmoko tech.
>> It will be a while before I get my hands on a Neo (March?) but I'd
>> really like to start coding now.
> You can already do that without an emulator.

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