error while building with MokoMakefile: unparsed line

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Mon Feb 19 16:48:26 CET 2007

Werner Almesberger writes:
>BTW, something to keep in mind is that OE does fairly extensive
>caching - perhaps more than one may intuitively expect.
>While this is generally a good thing, it can sometimes make
>problems hard to debug, either by regurgitating problems that
>are already fixed, or by masking new ones.
>So if you're stuck with some particularly persistent/elusive
>problems, it may be a good idea to remove sources/ and build/,
>and start with a clean slate.

I've been getting my feet wet with openembedded trying to create
configuration files for another machine -- I've actually gotten to the
point that on config file changes, I just nuke the entire tmp
directory after each change.

(on an antique 1.25GHz Athlon, this means roughly a four-hour
turnaround time for rebuilding task-base.  Reminds me of my undergrad
days with punched cards...)

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