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On Sat, 17 Feb 2007, Dean Collins wrote:

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>> You can already do that without an emulator.
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> Yeh right, personally after my experiences with development on the
> Savaje OS last year anyone coding without a 100 authentic emulator is
> wasting their time.
> There's just too many variables to even begin considering coding until
> the product is stabilized at rev 0 and actually shipped.
> Regards,
> Dean Collins

Dean, Koen,

I respect all of the excellent comments that both of you have made. You are
both right, and I see no reason the two opinions can't co-exist.

As usual, for me, it's about choice. Those of us who want to wait for the
stabilized hardware are free to do so. Those of us who want to work with the
various emulators available, are thankful they exist.

There is a very wide range between minimal software emulation and a perfect
emulation of 100% of the stablilized hardware.

Many of us are still setting up the development environment and building
images. For us, a pretty minimal emulator can give a substantial indicator
that we've built things correctly.

The next step will be trivial applications - again, a pretty minimal emulator
can confirm we've done so correctly.

Next is an application using GTK/X. Now we want the emulator to support these,
ideally in the proper size window, but even if not at least we have
confirmation that we've done the right thing.

I, for one, am having lots of fun learning about the development environment
and the build process, and I look forward (shortly, I hope) to learning about
the xoo and the qemu emulators.


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