qemu-arm images

Heilpern, Mark mark.heilpern at authentec.com
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I was able to change the @270 to @0 and have it work, however I had to delete the .X0-lock from the /var/tmp directory. The OpenMoko startup script should probably see to it that this is deleted before X starts.

I wanted to change the display from 640x480 to 480x640 but that resulted in the server not starting. The Xserver error indicates "Fatal server error: no screens found". I don't know much about qemu but I'm guessing something needs to be done to allow qemu to present a 480x640 screen (instead of the 640x480)? I tried "-g 480x640" which didn't work (the man page says this is only for PowerPC and Sparc; apparently that's up to date).

I've also noticed that I cannot ssh out to the machine running qemu. I've given OpenMoko's eth0 a static address (and set up its default route, though I'm not leaving my network). Trying to ssh out results in "no route to host". A "man qemu" shows all kinds of relevant -net options, one of which I'm sure will address this if I get time to pursue it further.

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Le mardi 20 février 2007 à 03:13 -0300, jeff a écrit :
> I put together an image you can test under qemu, if you so desire.
> ftp://ftp.blagblagblag.org/pub/BLAG/developers/jebba/openmoko/
> Just install qemu, grab the files in one of the revisions' subdirs, and run, 
> for example, ./qemu-r1049.sh.   Voila.

Very nice, thanks!
BTW, simply removing the "@270" (as per the README) in /etc/X11/Xserver
is not enough to have the emulated display vertically on the classical
Xserver. In fact, the mokoemu X server does not start anymore.
What should be done to have qemu display the UI vertically?


PS: I changed the settings in you filesystem image Xserver file via a
loop mount - but I guess that's totally unrelated.

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