matchbox-panel-2 or matchbox-panel?

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Tue Feb 20 19:52:38 CET 2007

Cheers Koen,

> I'm getting a bit confused with mb-panel-2 and mb-panel after reading the various docs and
> sources :(


> So I have a few questions:

> * what with the p1 software use mb-panel-2 or mb-panel?


> * what should I be testing with right now, mb-panel-2 or mb-panel?


> * Is there a roadmap for the conversion between the two?

Everything goes to mb-panel-2 as soon as the jury hands me my
Ph.D. [plus returning from FOSDEM] ;)

> Mb-panel-2 also doesn't seem to understand -b (background pixmap) and --orientation, do
> you have some hints what to put in /etc/matchbox/session?

No need to. mb-panel-2 is a Gtk+ application hence the widget has a
certain name and is styled via gtkrc. Please see

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