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Wed Feb 21 17:50:15 CET 2007 nominated by Linux Journal Weekly News as Dot Org of the Week:

(Yes, I submitted it. I hope this helps publicity)


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                   Linux Journal Weekly News Notes -- February 21, 2007



    This submission comes from Michael, from somewhere in cyberspace:

    I have a submission for Dot-Org of the week:

    You've probably all heard about the OpenMoko project, the Open Source
    cellphone/smartphone platform.  Well today, the OpenMoko development website went live, and it is incredible, including: Documentation
    for the hardware and the software; instructions on how to set up the
    toolchain and the development environment; how the bootloader works; how to
    build a kernel; all the sourcecode, via svn; the application framework; a
    wiki; Bugzilla.

    It's amazing.

    I've spent all evening reading the documentation.  Even though the team
    claims it is not finished, it is more detailed than many (all) finished
    documents I have ever read.  Therefore I nominate

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    Linux community despite not getting paid for it? If so, we'd like to share
    information about them with our readers.  Send your recommendation, along
    with why the organization/people are worthy of recognition, to
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