Installer Package OE.pkg for MacOS X?

Cristian Libotean eblis102 at
Wed Feb 21 23:17:23 CET 2007

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007 13:03:37 +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller  
<hns at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have started to write a script that loads everything to run OE on a  
> Mac.
> Installation is Mac-like, i.e. pretty simple. Just download the script  
> from
> Save it e.g. as /opt/local/bin/oe and chmod +x so that it is found in  
> your $PATH.
> Then, open a Terminal and run "oe".
> It checks for and automatically installs if not found:
> * a case sensitive OE.sparseimage as /Volumes/OE
> * MacPorts
> * Monotone
> * SVN
> * and the OE/OpneMoko installer MokoMakefile written by Rod Whitby
> If everything is available, it simply presents a shell with everything  
> set up.
> Unfortunately, it does not completey compile OE yet. It ends up in
> ERROR: Error in executing: /Volumes/OE/moko/openembedded/packages/ 
> quilt/
> ERROR: Exception:exceptions.UnboundLocalError Message:local variable  
> 'md5data' referenced before assignment
> Maybe one of the OE specialists can clarify and I can fix the script.
> Feedback welcome,
> Nikolaus

I think that exact error has been reported before ... can you try to  
install a more recent version of Python and see if it helps ?

> Am 12.02.2007 um 17:58 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:
>> Michael,
>> >> While one -can- get OE/BB running under OSX, at least theoretically,  
>> it's not as simple as doing it under Linux
>> shouldn't we just join forces and craft an Installer package for  
>> getting OE installed directly on a Mac?
>> IMHO, needing to install some VM and a full Linux one of the best *ix  
>> machines just because Linux developers have the tendency to invent an  
>> then use a lot of not well documented command line tools you have never  
>> heared of is some overkill...
>> Distributing an OE.pkg would be much better...
>> The main idea is:
>> * make a shell script (called as preinstall) that creates a case  
>> sensitive "/Developer/OE.sparseimage" (fixed location so to avoid  
>> confusion)
>> * get all the additional command line tools it needs to "/opt/local/ 
>> bin" from Fink or OpenDarwin (either load at install time or provide  
>> some stable binaries)
>> * provide the basic files needed in the "stuff" directory
>> * wrap that all into an installer .pkg file by using PackageMaker
>> So, you download OE.pkg, and double click. This will install everything  
>> and leave you with "/Volumes/OE" as your "stuff" directory.
>> The problem I have:  
>> describes everything but I understand only half of it.
>> Nikolaus
>> Am 12.02.2007 um 16:21 schrieb Michael Dickens:
>>> Ryan - Someone suggested getting VMWare & setting up a Ubuntu VM ...  
>>> this is a -great- suggestion since you're running OSX, -if- you have  
>>> an Intel-Mac.  If you have a PPC-Mac, then this is not an option  
>>> (AFAIK), and you'll need to either (1) install Linux on another hard  
>>> drive / partition and direct boot into it (which might require hacking  
>>> the firmware), or (2) use OE/BB directly on OSX.  While one -can- get  
>>> OE/BB running under OSX, at least theoretically, it's not as simple as  
>>> doing it under Linux; Apple provides some GNU tools, but some are  
>>> Apple-specific (e.g. "libtool" is Apple-specific on OSX, and thus with  
>>> using "GNU libtool" many folks rename it "glibtool" etc).  For the  
>>> second option, I'd recommend using MacPorts to install the background  
>>> stuff for OE/BB.  I'm actually trying to get OE/BB working on OSX in  
>>> parallel with doing it on a VM running Ubuntu (the VM already "won"  
>>> this competition, but I'm still working on the OSX side).
>>> Ubuntu provides a "nice and simple" setup / configuration that doesn't  
>>> require a lot of in-depth knowledge of Linux (unless you want to go  
>>> there).  Setting up OE/BB inside the VM is as simple as following the  
>>> instructions on the Wiki < 
>>> gowiki/OpenMoko/OpenEmbedded/SettingUpOEForUbuntu > ... really, I just  
>>> did it last night running Ubuntu 6.10 on a VM on an Intel-iMac.  I  
>>> created 'nano', and can copy it to my local ARM-based TS-7300, and it  
>>> runs just fine ... very cool!
>>> Being an OSX user myself, both at home and school, I'm happy to  
>>> provide whatever reasonable assistance I can to other OSX users.   
>>> While I don't have a lot of experience under Linux, I do have plenty  
>>> of experience on various Unix flavors and MacOS from 5 to current -  
>>> both as programmer and user (from setting up the MMU to device drivers  
>>> to CLI applications to GUIs).
>>> Good luck! - MLD
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