MokoMakefile - type "make openmoko-devel-image" and you're done.

Joe Friedrichsen pengi.films at
Sat Feb 24 17:20:06 CET 2007

On 2/24/07, Richard Boehme <rboehme at> wrote:
> NOTE: package xcalibrateext-0.0+git20060814-r0: task do_fetch: started
> git, the filemanager with GNU Interactive Tools, is now called gitfm.
> If you are looking for git, Linus Torvald's content tracker, install
> the cogito and git-core packages and see README.Debian and git(7).
> This transition script will be removed in the debian stable
> release after etch.
> If you wish to complete the transition early, install git-core
> and use (as root):
>  update-alternatives --config git
> Press RETURN to run gitfm
> read: 29: arg count
> /usr/bin/gitfm: invalid option -- n
> NOTE: Task failed: Fetch failed: Git: export

At first glance, it looks like you're missing some packages (as the
error message is suggesting). However, I'm using etch as well and
MokoMakefile works for me with only git-core installed. Looking at the
packages that depend on it with aptitude shows that
"openembedded-essential 2" requires git-core. So installing
openembedded-essential 2 should have pulled git-core in as well.

Did you set up the prerequisites as outlined on ? (particularly number one)


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