mokomakefile failing to build uboot-mkimage

Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Feb 25 10:52:01 CET 2007

michael at wrote:
> My build fails at do-deploy of the kernel, complaining that
> uboot-mkimage is missing.

Yes.  It seems that uboot-gta01 was removed from the DEPENDS of the
kernel by the core devs, but the uboot-mkimage line was left there
(which now fails, cause uboot-gta01 is no longer built, so uboot-mkimage
does not exist in the build to be used later, even if it was prefixed
with ${STAGING_BINDIR}...)

So I've removed the uboot-mkimage line from mokomakefile builds (since
no-one has hardware or an emulator which will boot that image anyway,
that's not a problem for anyone).

> So I try to build uboot-mkimage alone, to see whether and why it fails:
> and I get:
>   Applying patch patches/arm_flags.patch
>   patching file cpu/pxa/
>   Hunk #1 FAILED at 23.
> Anyone seeing this? Any idea how to debug this?

Yes.  Yes, but I'd just wait for the core devs to fix the patches so
they apply against svn head.

"make update" and mokomakefile will then patch the kernel .bb to not
rely on the non-building uboot.

-- Rod

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