Summer of Code todos and ideas

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Feb 26 18:09:58 CET 2007

Salve Stefan, *!

Some subvention could help to start up some projects with OpenMoko
at universities - institutes likes to participate when the can
grep money, e.g. from the EU.

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> At FOSDEM I asked Sean and Mickey if the OpenMoko project is
> interested in applications for Google summer of code. As they were
> interested, here we go.
> I started a wiki page with some first todos and ideas:

Great idea. I was not active with agnula, but I do know that they
get money from the EU. This would be anouther chance to get financial
help for running project. The EU money helps AGNULA e.g. to reimburse 
travellings costs - so AGNULA have had several meetings with this
support ;) or gives information 
about the EU Research Funding - the FP7 fits great to OpenMoko:

Does anybody here on the list does have 
- experiances with EU research fundings?
- good contacts to university institutes inside the EU?
- does know people from AGNULA?

So maybe with some financial help we could have a pure
OpenMoko confernece or hacking event somewhere in Europe?
The FOSDEM was great, but a full weekend only focussing on
OpenMoko, maybe with some extrem programming... would be
great to start new things with OpenMoko, help to become
active with OpenMoko and would be a great fun ;)
When such could be supported with some fundings like AGNULA
has had - that would be :)))))))


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