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Rodolphe Ortalo rodolphe.ortalo at
Mon Feb 26 21:18:43 CET 2007

Le lundi 26 février 2007 à 18:09 +0100, Robert Michel a écrit :
> or gives information 
> about the EU Research Funding - the FP7 fits great to OpenMoko:
> Does anybody here on the list does have 
> - experiances with EU research fundings?
> - good contacts to university institutes inside the EU?

Several years ago during my Ph.D. thesis preparation (94-98), I
participated in a research project (of FP4 IIRC) involving several
european research institutions (several universities, and CNRS on the
french side). 
EU projects profiles have changed a lot in the meantime (they got bigger
and less numerous, with an increasing role of "major contractors" so
maybe you can look after existing projects for some intermediate
funding). A constant over time seems to be that for successful
application one needs to combine a good research/academic "backline"
with an innovative industrial technology initiative "frontline" (it
seems we already have this one).
I kept a few contacts in this field (some of them are aging), with a
focus on security and dependability.
If it may help...

> - does know people from AGNULA?

Actually no, though the RedHat Division involved is from my home

> So maybe with some financial help we could have a pure
> OpenMoko confernece or hacking event somewhere in Europe?
> The FOSDEM was great, but a full weekend only focussing on
> OpenMoko, maybe with some extrem programming... would be
> great to start new things with OpenMoko, help to become
> active with OpenMoko and would be a great fun ;)
> When such could be supported with some fundings like AGNULA
> has had - that would be :)))))))

In the mid/long term (2-3 years), there is something relevant to
OpenMoko the EU would certainly like to support financially: GALLILEO
integration (an alternative to GPS, see  and
possibly the Green paper from december for FP7 on that page).
Could be yet another challenge though...


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