PalmOS-like data storage

Tomasz Zielinski tomasz.zielinski at
Sat Jan 27 17:13:31 CET 2007

Most PDA applications needs save small set of data - user preferences,
high score list and so on. Does the OpenMoko support such operation
with it's API? If it doesn't, there is a risk developers will
implement dozens of different ways and every app will behave

I think old PalmOs data storage idea can be used here. I've been
thinking about SQLite-based solution where library is dynamically
linked and base system stores one database in well known place.

There would be OpenMoko "central developer database" where every
developer can make reservation for desired "devID" -- PalmOS devId was
four alfanumeric characters. Now if I own devId and my Fooshmoo
application needs to save data, it would be hardcoded in binary and
all data would be saved in SQLite table "devId_fooshmoo". If my
application needs relational table model, it could use tables
"devId_fooshmoo_employee", "devId_fooshmoo_salary" and so on.

With such model package manager (app manager) could include tablenames
in package metadata, so tables could be created and deleted when app
is installed/uninstalled.

There is of course some problems here, but I believe OpenMoko data
storage API is necessary. How do you think? Are there any standard
solutions for other PDA/smartphone platforms?

Tomek Z.
tomasz.zielinski at

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