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Bryce Leo bryce.leo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 00:26:18 CET 2007

Hey guys Oleg Sverdlov Brought up this good point on the Open Moko
list and I thnk that it woudl be great if we could discuss solutions
over on this end.

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From: Oleg L. Sverdlov <oleg at ols.co.il>
Subject: Q: desktop software?

What software is planned on desktop side? If any.
This is important thing IMHO.
There are good and bad examples.
Palm Desktop for Windows was good. I'm using it from 1998, did not
loose any data. It serves both as organizer, address book and as palm
synchronization. That is what I call high quality software.
On the other side, software with Zaurus handheld was just unusable.
The lack of good desktop sync software contributed to the failure of
Zaurus organizer project.

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I was thinking that it could be done with rsync pretty easily, have
the handheld connect to the computer and then rsync would handle the
updating. A client could be built for windows/linux/mac with a good
bit of ease.

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