Fwd: Q: desktop software?

Bryce Leo bryce.leo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 02:07:20 CET 2007

Stefan, i'm glad to see that you weighed in on this!

> The problem begins when you change things on botth sides. For example
> changing a contact on my pc and my phone without rsyncing in the
> meantime. A valid scenario I won't miss.

Duh... Great point and I completely forgot about that.

> SyncML should be the better choice here. With OpenMoko we have the
> chance to get that running without getting frustated of the broken
> phone software. We can change this. :)

SyncML would be perfect for the job. That would definately be the best
for contacts.

> Speaking about your data files on flash and microSD rsync or unison
> could be an idea again. Or just copy the stuff around as on your
> normal host system.

For the data files I'd actually have a sync type mechanism in place.
After a file got deleted I would actually send a full path/filename
listing to a flat file and then the copies of those files on the
computer would be deleted and would not be synced with the phone.
Though this is all a bit low level would certainly need a bit of
healthy collaboration. Now that Java's GPL'ed it might be a good way
to save dev time and build three desktop clients at once.

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