Core Developers - Request for feedback

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Sun Jan 28 05:24:19 CET 2007

I just wanted to say that (so far) this is turning out to be a great
mail list.  There are great ideas coming out and some good dialog.

The reason I post is to ask this basic but loaded question.  Who is
"leading" the software development force?  There are probably quite a
few of us that are programmers on this list that are going to want to
start writing some code.  But from just the few posts (APIs, profiles,
etc) who is going to lay down the law and say that "X" is going to be
the recommended/default/standard way to do "Y"?

We all have good ideas, but if we just start running in all directions
we are going to end up being counter productive.

One of the great things about a project like this is that anyone can
lend a hand.  But while things are starting out, we really don't know
who knows what, how things work, or even where to look.

Are any of the "core developers" listening on this list?  We aren't
expecting you to follow this and respond to all of the questions, but we
could use some guidance (and possibly some "laying down of the law").
As for now, I think we can all agree that your time is better spend
getting things ready for the upcoming releases.  But if there are
already some of these methods in place, is there anywhere that we can go
to start getting some things documented?

Sorry if we are just getting overly excited, but we are all kinda
grasping at straws.  Any tidbits of information will help make these
discussions be more productive.

Again, keep the posts coming!

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