Richard Boehme rboehme at
Sun Jan 28 06:12:27 CET 2007

Build confusion:

1) I'm using Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). There are instructions for it.
Other than Monotone, which isn't the right version, I supposedly
'have' OpenEmbedded and bitbake. My project SVN name is OMBalance, so
I created a build/conf directory inside the OMBalance directory, and
created local.conf, with the contents:

MACHINE = "ep93xx"
DISTRO = "generic"

However, what I'm having trouble figuring out are many and varied:

1) Do I actually have OpenEmbedded and bitbake, or do I need to get OE
from Monotone, after bypassing my package manager to do so? Are there
any packages for the appropriate Monotone?

2) OK, let's supposed I get over that hurdle and have OE build 'nano'
fine. I can't find a sample that would tell me where I can instruct
OE/Bitbake to pick up my source locally... or even where to find the
source files and tell it what language they're in and how to compile
them. Do I have to commit my changes to Subversion each time I want to
rebuild for the phone?

3) Does anyone have a sample 'Moko Hello World' that comes with
Bitbake/OE files etc. that we can use as a sample?

4) I remember some mention of OpenMoko specific UI bits in addition to
the usual GTK+ stuff. I'm fine with waiting to form my OpenMoko GUI
until Feb. 11. However, how do we restrict the size to the OpenMoko
screen, handle the app closing, etc. This question is probably
answered by 'I need to learn more about GTK+".

5) I'm planning on building SQLite and using that for my database. How
do we install and access shared libraries on the system? Do we put
them in a lib directory and assume they're there?

6) Is the standard way for OpenMoko apps to install to the phone a
package system? How shiny/graphical/grandmother friendly will it be?

That's the end of my newbie questions for this email.



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