PalmOS-like data storage

Richard Boehme rboehme at
Sun Jan 28 06:46:01 CET 2007

> > > I agree 100%. However this is one of the areas where we didn't want to
> > > go forward without gathering community input -- so I'm looking forward
> > > to chose either one of gconf, sqlitefs, etc. during the next weeks.

Can someone enlighten me on what the difference between sqlite and
sqlitefs is? It would certainly be convenient if sqlite was included
with the device and we could just use it.

One of my priorities is that the database should be able to be copied
to the desktop for a desktop app to look at. I know SQLite databases
should just be able to copy and work on any platform sqlite supports.

Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with gconf. Given the 'g' in it is
presumably gnome, that would seem to imply Linux/Unix only. My
personal goal with my app is to have one infrastructure, and a GUI
(size limited) for OpenMoko, one for desktop Linux and Windows, and a
web interface running off of the same type of database (no conversion
needed). The critical question that I need to ask is: what allows me
to do that?



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