How much space left we've got?

Tomasz Zielinski tomasz.zielinski at
Sun Jan 28 10:10:24 CET 2007

64 MB of Neo1964 storage isn't much. In fact, it's damn small. I have
following questions:
1. How much space take kernel, libs, core apps - all necessary stuff?
2. How much space we have left to fill?
3. How much space needs to be left empty (for user data, apps, voice
recordings, SMSs, PIM data among others)?

Are you (core team) going to make poll, what apps or which libs
include by default with end-user Neo? I think 3 month after phase 1
starts developers could vote for their favourite software pieces, what
do you think?

PS: yes, I vote for ~250KB sqlite shared library :->

Tomek Z.
tomasz.zielinski at

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