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Scott Oberg schreef:
> Richard Boehme wrote:
>> Build confusion:
>> 1) I'm using Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). There are instructions for it.
>> Other than Monotone, which isn't the right version, I supposedly
>> 'have' OpenEmbedded and bitbake. My project SVN name is OMBalance, so
>> I created a build/conf directory inside the OMBalance directory, and
>> created local.conf, with the contents:
>> MACHINE = "ep93xx"
>> DISTRO = "generic"
>> However, what I'm having trouble figuring out are many and varied:
>> 1) Do I actually have OpenEmbedded and bitbake, or do I need to get OE
>> from Monotone, after bypassing my package manager to do so? Are there
>> any packages for the appropriate Monotone?

>> 2) OK, let's supposed I get over that hurdle and have OE build 'nano'
>> fine. I can't find a sample that would tell me where I can instruct
>> OE/Bitbake to pick up my source locally... 

S = "/path/to/sources/"

> or even where to find the
>> source files and
> tell it what language they're in

That's largely irrelevant, since your buildsystem (makefiles, autoconf, scons, cmake, etc)
tgakes care of that

> and how to compile
>> them.

for standard Makefiles: nothing, OE will do 'make all && make install' by default
for autoconf based Makefiles: 'inherit autoconf'
for scons based things: 'inherit scons'
for distutils based things: 'inherit distutils'
for qmake based things: 'inherit qmake'

> Do I have to commit my changes to Subversion each time I want to
>> rebuild for the phone?

You can, or you can set S to the checkout directory and do 'bitbake <my app> -c rebuild'

> Once you've worked your way through the getting started guide's checkout
> of the OE dev branch, you should be able to look into some of the
> bitbake 'recipe' files that allow you to instruct/script bitbake to
> build your favorite package.
> The wiki's main page has a links to various tutorials and the bb file
> format.

The (incomplete) user-manual[1] also contains a lot of information.



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