Fwd: Q: desktop software?

Matthias Lemke m at box.li
Sun Jan 28 17:15:02 CET 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 18:26, Bryce Leo wrote:
> >
> > I was thinking that it could be done with rsync pretty easily, have
> > the handheld connect to the computer and then rsync would handle the
> > updating.

>Even my first thought was rsync, but on a second thounght I changed my
>mind.  :)
>The problem begins when you change things on botth sides. For example
>changing a contact on my pc and my phone without rsyncing in the
>meantime. A valid scenario I won't miss.
>SyncML should be the better choice here. With OpenMoko we have the
>chance to get that running without getting frustated of the broken
>phone software. We can change this.  :)

Hi stefan, I read there will be a Funambol connector on the phone.
Funambol had a press info about that. And I assume it will be open :)
So we should have a nice SyncML implementation.

>So for contacts I would vote for SyncML.
>Speaking about your data files on flash and microSD rsync or unison
>could be an idea again. Or just copy the stuff around as on your
>normal host system.
>E-mail should be fine with imaps. I have a feeling we will see some
>bits of tinymail for it.

I could be interesting to have a implementation with RFC4550 features,
also known as lemonade (http://www.lemonadeformobiles.com/detail.html).
thats sounds very hot for the expected gprs speed.

>Stefan Schmidt


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