DBus for Generic Data Access Methods?

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Mon Jan 29 19:38:21 CET 2007

Hi Jim,

>    I've been reading about the idea of generic access to a data store
> for configuration information but was wondering if there are plans to
> have generic access to actual data.  There are two reasons why I
> believe this is key to development of a system like OpenMoko:
>       * It allows developers to generate drop-in replacements for
>         existing functionality (don't like the existing contacts
>         manager and want to write your own?  As long as you meet the
>         interface contract then no problems)
>       * It allows applications to obtain data (and also update it, of
>         course) without needing to know much about the external
>         program(s) out there.  More importantly, it allows
>         applications to obtain data from arbitrary providers

what you are looking for is the Evolution Data Server and the Camel
library. For small systems using D-Bus you have the Embedded Evolution
Data Server and also Tinymail.




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