DBus for Generic Data Access Methods?

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at comcast.net
Mon Jan 29 23:25:01 CET 2007

Marcel Holtmann writes:
>> This is fantastic; just what I hoped to see.  The one thing that I see 
>> as critical here is a logical translation layer (e.g. applications use 
>> '/org/openmoko/contacts' instead of 
>> '/org/gnome/evolution/dataserver/addressbook' and either something does 
>> a translation on-the-fly or we get the applications to listen to the 
>> OpenMoko path as well as the product-specific one), otherwise moving 
>> from one application to another is just too difficult and we end up with 
>> lock-in.
>I have no idea what you are meaning with this. The D-Bus object path is
>only a name and it actually doesn't matter what it is. The object path
>from the dataserver is as fine as any other path.

I think the important distinction is that one goes to "contacts",
intending that to be a contacts list, while the other goes to
"addressbook" which is presumably the name of a particular addressbook
application.  Definitely want the former to be what happens!

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