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Tue Jan 30 00:07:43 CET 2007

Dnia poniedziałek, 29 stycznia 2007 23:30, Jonathon Suggs napisał:
> There are a couple of threads going on right now that are loosely
> talking about "profiles" so lets see if we can't get them combined and
> focused.

> But first, I'm not sure if we are all thinking of the same thing that a
> profile represents.  So here is my short simple version (please correct
> if necessary or give a better term).
> Profile: A named entity (Examples: Home, Work, Car, Silent, Meeting,
> Airplane) that represents a group of settings (volumes, communication
> (BT, GPS), ringers, power settings, etc)



I think that normal applications should use API to take list of profiles 
and allow to change profile pernamently or for some time using common 

Profile editor should allow to set stuff like:

- profile name ;)
- volume level/mute, 
- whitelist/blacklist
- ring signal
- message signal
- vibration on/off
- increasing ring on/off
- redirection of calls
- accessories which can turn it on/off (my current SE k750i
  enable 'headset' profile when I connect headphones)

Any extras like locations, similar BT devices are stuff for advanced mode 
which can be enabled by user.

I have idea of handling profile switching by misc events which would need 
to be managed in advanced mode of profile editor.

Pluging headphones is event which can switch profile to 'headset' (but it 
has to be marked as accessory for it). Being in one of stored locations 
is another event which can switch profile to other (silent, loud etc). 
Discovered BT devices can switch to other profiles, connect to BT PAN and 
sync with other machine, can provide some feedback to user like: 'hey 
dude, there is Ania in range' ;)

What do you think?

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