DBus for Generic Data Access Methods?

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Tue Jan 30 00:08:27 CET 2007

Marcel Holtmann skrev:
> Hi Lars,
> the D-Bus interface only provides an API contract. You can replace the
> underlying storage format or application at any time. That is the whole
> point behind D-Bus. You don't link against any specific library except
> the D-Bus library itself (or bindings in case of high level languages)
> and then communicate over D-Bus.
So far I have understood, I thats why I like the use of D-Bus :-)
> If the implementation is EDS or if it uses Berkley DB or SQLite or if it
> is anything else is longer important for the application as long as the
> implementation fulfills the API contract.
OK. I might have misunderstood it completely. But I believed that 
/org/gnome/... was 'owned' by gnome.org and that any alternative 
implementation had to go somewhere else.

The extension thing is still interesting, but can be added later.

Sorry /LaH

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