Loading alternate kernel and/or rootfs

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Tue Jan 30 11:10:22 CET 2007

Rod Whitby wrote:

> Are there any firm plans for loading alternate kernels and rootfs from
> external (or "internal" uSD) storage (or even over NFS)?

One of the mid- (if not long-term) wishes is getting display and
touchscreen support into U-Boot to make a boot menu right there --
this will be pretty tough though.

In the meantime, I'd prefer a userland solution.

> A number of people have suggested "altboot"
> (http://blog.hentges.net/?page_id=50) when I asked this on the OE
> mailing list.  NSLU2-Linux currently has "turnup" functionality which
> performs a similar function (I'm not suggesting we use that
> functionality, as it is very much tied to the NSLU2).

> Mickey, Harold, are there any other alternatives that you see, or should
> I just hunker down and start hacking on altboot?

I'd like to see altboot become a "standard", it's really good,
although still a bit too Zaurus-centric. Your work could help to make
it a bit more device-agnostic, so, yes, I'd like to see you basing on

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