Silent mode timeout

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Mon Jan 29 20:35:21 CET 2007

Scott Oberg wrote:
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> Stefan Schmidt wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I cc openmoko-devel for interested developer.
>> On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 09:30, Ben Burdette wrote:
>>> A simple feature that I'd like to see is a silent mode timeout.  What 
>>> always happens with my current phone is I set it to silent mode because 
>>> I'm in a movie or a meeting, and then later I forget to turn the ringer 
>>> back on.  This leads to a lot of missed calls.
>> Nice idea. I have the same problem. :)
>> I also like to see the silent mode integrated with my current gps
>> posistion. Define locations where you are often ond like to have a
>> silent phone at this place. Theater, cinema, meeting room, lecture
>> room,...

> I was thinking the same thing for 'The baby room', etc.  However, we
> might want to be a little careful with the manager that switches
> profiles.  e.g. In 'airplane' mode, it shouldn't switch to 'silent with
> radio on' when your flight path goes near your home:)  I suppose that
> the gps shouldn't be on either in airplane mode, but I hope it
> illustrates the point. In summary, I think that the profile manager
> should be able to have sticky profiles or the ability to veto requests
> by the gps auto-profile switcher/deamon to change profiles.

Have a mode 'waypoint' have altitude too, and radius.
You only stay in that mode while your current vector will not take you 
outside it in one minute.

So you never go into a mode when flying or driving past somewhere.

Also, the GPS being on when in flight mode is safe - GPS does not emit.

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