Translators needed?

Sam Castelain sam.castelain at
Tue Jan 30 22:05:18 CET 2007

Great idea. Even tough I know a bit about coding, I hardly know enough
yet to contribute anything to this project. I could translate messages
into dutch and have something useful to do for this fantastic open
source project.

On 1/30/07, José Suárez <j.suarez.agapito at> wrote:
> Hi to everybody.
> I've been quite excited about the OpenMoko development and release schedule.
> I'm pretty sure I would like to buy one Neo1973 when they were available and
> became usable.
> I'm not a developer and don't know how to code, but I would like to contribute
> to the OpenMoko project to make it great. Given that the only way I think I
> could help at the moment is by translating some of the UI/GUI messages (later
> when the phone is out I would like to test the apps and report bugs) I want
> to know if there is any need for translators. If so, I would like to
> volunteer for the translation of whatever messages into Spanish.
> Thanks for the effort and time you guys are putting into OpenMoko's
> development. It will surely rock!

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