PalmOS-like data storage

Richard Boehme rboehme at
Wed Jan 31 00:29:18 CET 2007

Re: gconf and sqlite, can gconf be used as relational DB storage?

On a personal level, I like SQLite; it's easy to use and easy to back
up (as a single database is one file) to another computer. If SQLite
is installed by default, a lot of developers will use it as the
database back end to their apps. I'm unsure if I'm even remotely
on-topic here; application data storage is probably very different
from access to phone settings and contact information (as is talked
about on the DBus thread).

For applications, I think we should "bless" one database form by
having the library for it preinstalled. If developers want to use
another database, fine. They can set up another one on the phone, but
the database that has it's library preinstalled is the path of least
resistance (and thus becomes the de facto standard).

I don't think there will be a problem with many ways of storing data,
as long as there is a clearly delineated and documented path of least



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