Mobile Java Platform

Christopher Heiny heiny at
Wed Jan 31 04:38:11 CET 2007

[I've cc'ed some folks who expressed interest in Java on the community list 
(at least in the messages I've kept around).  I don't know if you're on 
-devel - if you are, I apologize for the double posting.  If you're not 
actually interested in Java on Openmoko, I'mm sorry to have bugged you.]

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 11:38, Jonathon Suggs scribbled in crayon on the 
back of a kid's menu:
> I had looked into developing some applications based on this platform a
> while back and just got an email about it latest version.  Anyway, I
> don't know how much work it would be to get its VM ported to our
> platform, but if we did then we could instantly get more applications
> that were compatible with our device.
> >From their website: SuperWaba is an open-source software development
> platform for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and Smartphones.
> Let me know what you guys think...

Hmmm.  It's hard to tell on a 5-minute examination whether the Professional 
version is fully opensource or not.  Their comparision page indicates that 
you need the $495 SuperWaba professional to get image handling, email, 
html, ftp, and printing.

Of the options that folks have mentioned on the community list, I think 
JamVM might be best.  I believe that it's already checked into 
OpenEmbedded, so it should be easy for it to be part of OpenMoko.  An email 
Koen describes some first steps on getting Java installed and going (note 
that the PDF linked in that mail is broken).

I noticed that the appears to be up and running now.  
Maybe we should set up project with the goal of getting Java going on 
OpenMoko (probably via OE) and maintaining it?


[Disclaimer: Though I've been messing around with J2SE for about 8 years 
now, is is my first venture in the ME world of Java.  It's kind of an 
unfamiliar & bewildering territory, so please correct any egregiously 
boneheaded statements I might make.  Thanks.]

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