Please no crossposting! Re: Information regarding the Messaging Support in OpenMoko

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Jan 31 13:49:36 CET 2007

Salve Suresh!

I'm just a listmember, but maybe my answer will help you.
The core developers are very busy at the moment so everybody
has to use patience when things will be published.

And also the official realease would create more feedback
when they are able to publish unpublished fakts ... :)

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Suresh Kumar Sugguna wrote:
> Can any one of the developer inform me about the messaging (SMS or EMS or
> MMS) support in OpenMoko? I was searching for the specification document or
> web address (link) regarding the messaging support in OpenMoko software
> code.

AFAIK when the first Neo1973 will be shipped to devleopers in
February/March SMS function will be running.
I don't think that EMS and MMS is limmted by hardware, so
it will be a question of time when this will be running as well.

Consider that full running devices for endusers will be shipped
in September - so the devices now are for pleople who like to
develope or testing - it should be not a mobile replacement
for productive use for pleople that only want to have a working

> Kindly mail me your responses at sureshkumar435 at

<Kindly> please consider that on mailing list could be thousands,
on some several ten thousands of subscriber. Crossposting is not
polite - better is to choose *one* mailinglist and wait for response,
and for question like this, the community mailinglist would be
the right one.

My formal reaction is not personl... I just try to avoid 
uncultivated crossposting that makes the separate developer 
mailingist contraproductive.

community = open community dissucssion about everything,
            ideas, whishes, questions, documentation,
openmoko-devel = software design - SDK questions...

And the access to the OpenMoko deleloper launch box
is not restricted to openmoko-devel poster, this
box is also going to community poster ;)

> Waiting for your express replies,
Hope that my answer was quick and informative enough.

And don't get me wrong - I'm happy about your interest about 
OpenMoko/Neo1973 and the question about EMS and MMS is a good
one - but let us give the core team time until the 11th Februar
- see Sean's (project leader) roadmap anouncment:

So you are very welcome on the community mailinglist to share
your wishes and ideas what we could do with OpenMoko better then
existing smart phone solutions.

E.g. because you are interested in SMS/EMS/MMS - do you
have any ideas, what we could make better? How?


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