Mobile Java Platform

Christopher Heiny heiny at
Wed Jan 31 17:29:06 CET 2007

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 23:39, Koen Kooi scribbled in crayon on the back 
of a kid's menu:
> Why does that need a gforge project on p.o.o? Getting java going is a
> matter of writing 2 or 3 .bb files, which will be less than 100 lines
> combined. It would be better if you put your energy into writing those
> than to setup up a project on p.o.o.

Hi Koen,

Yes, that gets it up and running.

But then it will bit rot or be otherwise neglected, and stops working.  Or 
the person who got it up and running gets run over by a bus, and any 
special tricks (or even the knowledge that there are no special tricks) 
gets lost with them.  Or maybe they've signed an NDA of some sort and can't 
tell us what they did.  So it's good to have a central place where we can 
capture knowledge like that.

Maybe we decide to make some super cool OpenMoko Java class libraries.  It's 
good to have a central place where they can be developed and maintained.

Perhaps then we need to decide whether an upgrade to J2SE 1.6 is 
appropriate.  Once again, it's good to have a central place where that can 
be discussed, and if decided upon, worked forward.

And while the -devel and community lists are handy, it's not as if every 
single issue needs to be discussed on those lists.  Sometimes it's handy to 
have smaller lists where topics that are not of burning general interest 
can be discussed.

That's where the payoff comes from having a Java project on p.o.o - in the 
maintenance, communication, upgrade, and extension departments.


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