Is vim included out-of-the-box or shall i port? (was: Re: Development environment

Richi Plana myopenmoko at
Wed Jan 31 20:34:30 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 14:24 -0500, Cliff Brake wrote:
> For embedded Linux development, it is very handy to have a decent
> editor running on the target device.  Often there is a need to edit
> configuration files etc.  This is typically done over ssh/network
> connection from your host system -- you don't run VIM on the target
> display.  Because VIM is so easy to build/install with OE, why not :-)

Oh, i agree that a text editor would be useful on the device given that
most options probably won't have a GUI to control them through (at least
at the start), but I'm sure the phone already has a text editor
component and likely a text editor application. Why use VIM? The only
advantages I know that vim has is its keybindings. As far as I know, a
keyboard (wired or bluetooth) isn't available and the virtual keyboard
won't be much help for the keybindings. What other features were you
looking for that vim has and the existing text editor application

By the way, I've NO IDEA what the existing text editor application's
features are. I'm assuming it has a search function, at least.

"Why not build/install OE if you could?" Well, no reason. Go ahead and
build and install it since you can. Out of curiosity though, why use it?

Mind you, on other platforms where OE works, I'm sure the "no keyboard",
"slow CPU", "memory constrained" or "tiny viewscreen" restrictions don't

Richi Plana

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