Mobile Java Platform

Christopher Heiny heiny at
Wed Jan 31 22:17:10 CET 2007

[I've snipped a lot of Terrence's email, mainly because I'm agreeing with 
most of what he says]

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 02:17, Terrence Barr - Evangelist, Java Mobile 
& Embedded scribbled in crayon on the back of a kid's menu:
> Based on the specs of Neo 1973 I believe Java SE is possible
> but it would probably tax the system quite a bit so I think
> it is not a slam dunk.

I agree with that, but it might good to get it integrated with OpenMoko (or 
at least plan to), because certainly a more powerful platform than the 
Neo1973 will come along that takes advantage of OpenMoko.  It would be nice 
to be ready.

However, as you point out in the snipped portions of the message, the effort 
to do this port is unknown.

Additionally, I think JME is more likely to be of use to propective service 
providers and manufacturers thinking of using OpenMoko.  There are good 
existing ports of ME around that we can work with.

So anyway, I agree that phoneMe (is that pronounce fone-me or foneem?) is 
the way to go first.  But I'd like us to keep an eye out for opportunities 
to move up to JSE.


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