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Florian Boor florian.boor at kernelconcepts.de
Mon Jul 2 11:27:55 CEST 2007


do we have any progress in this area?

Gergely Kis schrieb:

> I like your idea, but I think it is a man power issue at the side of
> the OpenMoko team. A "base platform" integrator would be needed whose
> role is to track / sync with the main OpenEmbedded branches. The best
> person for this job would be of course a core OpenEmbedded contributor
> with a contract with FIC...(hint, hint)

Basically a good idea, but I guess FIC does not gain enough advantage from
syncing with other branches for product development.
But it might be interesting to share the effort of maintaining a stable branch
to base consumer products on.

> Also I think it is unrealistic that OpenMoko only uses Monotone for
> version control, and I support their decision to go with a local
> repository as well. I think this can be seen as a kind of strategy: a
> platform can't commit to a single version control solution, because
> too many peers will use the platform. The build system and the tools
> have to support fetching sources from multiple repositories. Why? The
> same way you probably could not convince Linus or Keith Packard to
> switch to anything other than Git, you probably can't convince other
> potencial contributors to switch to Monotone either. And they might
> have perfectly good reasons: no version control system is perfect.

Right, currently I would not recommend monotone for product development too. But
in this case it might be possible to keep the specific packages in svn - you can
easily tell bitbake to handle multiple package sources.



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