Conventions of endianess and thumb code

Mark Rossman marossma at
Mon Jul 2 16:03:00 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,
Sorry if this has been mentioned, but i couldn't find anything.  This
weekend I plan on starting a port of sudoku for OpenMoko.  I've been
looking around at some sudoku programs to see which I is an ideal
program to start with (based on size interface code layout, etc).

Anyway I've been thinking  about the architecture and ARM9 in general
and was wondering if there is/is going to be a convention on the
endianess and whether or not it should be compiled to the thumb
instruction set.

The first really doesn't matter I'm just curious as the cpu can
operate in either direction, is everything else is in big endian for
easy network compatibility; do cell networks even operate in big

Secondly the tumb instruction set could cut down on storage a bit, but
slow some apps down.  But future processors may not be arm and won't
support it.  Do any other application developers plan on using it?

Thanks for the input,

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