How do I locally patch OpenMokoMake build process?

John Seghers jseghers at
Thu Jul 5 19:32:02 CEST 2007

Jeremiah Flerchinger wrote:
> I'm new to svn, quilt, and bitbake (I'm more familiar with git) but was
> wanting to make local patches to files & code that are pre-existing in
> the build. How is this accomplished with OpenMokoMake?

I'm barely more than a newby with this stuff as well, but I did manage to
get this working to apply a patch.  So with that modicum of experience I'll
suggest a couple of things.

> As a simple test I tried to edit the keyboard.xml layout file and
> config-parser.c
> (in /moko/openmoko/trunk/src/target/OM-2007/inputmethods/openmoko-
> keyboard).  I've been trying the following
>   cd /home/moko/openmoko
>   quilt new input_test.patch
>   quilt add /trunk/<rest of path>/config-parser.c

One thing that looks wrong in your commands is that your paths
"/trunk/<rest of path>..."
are based at root rather than at /home/moko/openmoko...

"quilt add trunk/<rest of path>...."

If that isn't the issue, but rather a typo in your email, look at

What does the path for the files referenced in the patch start with?
openmoko/trunk/.... or trunk/....

If it is the later, you would need the patch file listed with a strip level
of 0 instead of the default 1.

- John

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