third party navigation solution

Petr Stetiar ynezz at
Mon Jul 9 11:39:16 CEST 2007

Christoph Schmid <mezzqualine at> [2007-07-09 11:00:16]:

> About a few weeks ago, ich asked the guys from Navigon (a german developer
> of high quality navigation systems) with an e-mail (, wether
> they are interested in porting their java-based navigation solution, which
> got very good ratings in several tests, to the OpenMoko-platform.  And the
> best: Till now it's officially a beta version and doesn't cost anything but
> runs very stable. But even maybe if it costs some money later, I think
> everyone would be happy about a good navigation solution for OpenMoko.

Nice, I would buy it myself.

> They wrote back, that they are interested in that thing an have already
> heard about it. But they don't know the specs of the Java-VM on OpenMoko (is
> there one at all?) and of the gps-chip.

Don't know about Java, but information about AGPS[1] chip (amongst plenty of other
information) can be found on project's wiki. 

Anyway it's totaly open platform(if I don't count few exceptions), so they can
provide their own version of Java, compatible with Navigon.

> But don't missunderstand me: I don't want to become the Navigon solution an
> application for all Neo1973 from factory on but as a third party navigation
> solution which is still not in sight for this phone.  The Navigon-Programm
> is not Open-Source. But in matters of free software, everyone should also
> have the freedom of choice, in my opinion.


-- ynezz


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