How do I include a package in the image?

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Yes, but you will find that is obsolete.


- John




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John Seghers wrote: 

I'm attempting to include a package containing phoneme-feature into an
openmoko build.

I've successfully (I think) built the package with the OpenEmbedded arm
cross-compiling toolchain and have the .ipk package.  I cannot for the life
of me find the way to get that package included into the image.


One assumption I should state first is: /home/moko/build/tmp/rootfs/..
should contain the files from the package if it is installed in the image.
Is this correct?


I've tried setting the documented IPKG_INSTALL in my bitbake recipe for
phoneme. I've tried setting PACKAGE_INSTALL.

I've tried adding the package name to the PACKAGE_INSTALL in


Can someone please shed some light on this?


- John


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Here's except I found at which
may relate.  I'm currently trying to get through some of their documentation

Adding Packages to an Image  

This I found to be very obscure! There seems to be a peer relationship of
the and calls down
to to get the recipies of the base system built. You would
think that all you would have to do to add another package later is to add

Adding the package name to BOOTSTRAP_EXTRA_RDEPENDS merely causes it to be
built and packaged (.ipk), but it won't get added to the image! is a controlling recipe but it is that
decides just what goes into that image. Strange, this caused me no end of
removing the tmp directory and doing a fresh build just to add another
package. :-( 

The solution is to rebuild the task-bootstrap package! When you add another
package to BOOTSTRAP_EXTRA_RDEPENDS, merely run bitbake -c rebuild
task-bootstrap and then do a bitbake bootstrap-image. It seems that
task-bootstrap will build the collection (list) of what goes into the image,
then bootstrap-imagetask-bootstrap made. populates it from the list


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