third party navigation solution

Alf Stockton alf at
Tue Jul 10 19:03:45 CEST 2007

Patrick Beck <beck-patrick at> said:-
 >  > >From my side, I would even spend some menpower to make this thing
 > running on the upcoming OpenMoko based Neo. But I'm no developer. I'm a
 > teacher for economics and information technology. I can talk to make the
 > guys from Navigon to build there Navigation programm to this platform,
 > can visit them, can make testings an QM and reports to the community.
 > But I need the interest of the community and the support and the willing
 > of the developers to have such an application on Neo.
 >  > > And I need the specs to give them. A Neo-device for the developers
 > would be very helpful, too, I think. Maybe this task could also do
 > someone else, who is more on the technical side, but I would do it
 > anyway because I'm so amazed of the idea.
 > end quote.

as a programmer I offer my assistance as well.

Alf Stockton

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