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Fri Jul 13 02:34:44 CEST 2007

On 7/10/07, Alf Stockton <alf at> wrote:
> Patrick Beck <beck-patrick at> said:-
>  >
>  >  > >From my side, I would even spend some menpower to make this thing
>  > running on the upcoming OpenMoko based Neo. But I'm no developer. I'm a
>  > teacher for economics and information technology. I can talk to make the
>  > guys from Navigon to build there Navigation programm to this platform,
>  > can visit them, can make testings an QM and reports to the community.
>  > But I need the interest of the community and the support and the willing
>  > of the developers to have such an application on Neo.

Curiously - why would developers offer free support to help develop a
commercial product?

Instead, why don't you try and get interest amongst the free and open
mapping and navigation applications to develop support for the
OpenMoko platform.

I'm thinking of MaemoMapper, RoadMap, GPSDrive, OpenStreetMap data,
GeoClue, etc.

>  >  > > And I need the specs to give them. A Neo-device for the developers
>  > would be very helpful, too, I think. Maybe this task could also do
>  > someone else, who is more on the technical side, but I would do it
>  > anyway because I'm so amazed of the idea.
>  > end quote.
> as a programmer I offer my assistance as well.
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