Windows Client Software: The hard truth.

Karsten Ensinger at
Fri Jul 13 08:00:37 CEST 2007

I do not want to sound harsh, but I do not think that it is
soooo important to have a special desktop software (regardless
of the running OS) for a phone. I do not want to say that
it is useless at all, but I think you overestimate the user
base of such applications.
In my circle of friends, not even the PC related sync their
private mobile with their PCs. Only those using their mobile
for business do syncing on a regular base (but they have
several hundreds of customer numbers to carry).
Of course all the PC geeks of my friends use their mobile in
conjunction with their laptops, but this is, if one would
count them, a small minority.
Everyone else uses only the applications on the mobile and
nothing else. Maybe they download some ringtones or some
games, but syncing the phone is only relevant when they
switch their provider/mobile.
So to me it seems as if it would be a lot more important to
get some really smart applications running on the mobile.
The most important part, from my point of view, which has to
be ready for the launch of the gta02, is an extremely easy to
use update mechanism working in EVERY environment (regardless
of OS). That is because the most relevant difference of the
Neo 1973 to all the other phones is its openness and therefore
the possibility to extend the installed base of applications
to whatever one likes to have on its phone.

Just my two cents.


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