Windows Client Software: The hard truth.

Mark markitect at
Thu Jul 12 22:28:20 CEST 2007

I have to agree; when the phone hits mass availability, the average
user (assuming mass adoption) will be in windows.  That would
effectively make it just another phone to them.  I guess I just
assumed the linux apps were being written to be easily portable when
the time comes.

I haven't looked at the Linux host apps at all , but as long as they
are gtk based it might not be too painful.  We might also bundle it
with the required cygwin dlls, but personally I hate that solution.
There may also need to be some driver work, does anyone know if it
will show up as a mass storage device to windows?

On 7/12/07, Bryce Leo <bryce.leo at> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a feeling that most of us on this list don't use Windows,
> unless at jobs or because of a spouse, but is anyone planning on
> making any desktop oriented software for Syncing and backup on the MS
> side of things? This phone is a geeks dream come true, but it is also
> aimed at Moms and Dads, who are probably going to be working on
> windows boxes and they need to be taken care of. I've made a post like
> this before and it's certainly possible to have the neo sync with
> windows but I haven't seen any solid commitments to build a windows
> client. Was anyone else planning on this? Has anyone else been worried
> about the lack of one deterring consumer acceptance? I'd really like
> to start a decent discussion on this and I haven't had any luck on
> finding a wiki article.
> So what are your thoughts?
> Bryce

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