Windows Client Software: The hard truth.

Jeff Andros jeff at
Thu Jul 12 22:54:04 CEST 2007

It's not anywhere near that hard.  since we've got a syncML client on the
phone (or at least we will... that's definately a block issue) all we need
is a syncml program for the desktop side.  tossing 'windows syncml -"windows
mobile"' into google gives back results in job-lot quantities... that's
about as far as I got... I'm not really feeling like evaluating them.

That said, we probably want to have either an official branded desktop
solution (the more crossplatform the better) or at least a recommended
software choice.  I'm sure there is a open source sync program we could talk
to about some kind of partnership.  Not having an official "this will work
with your computer" program would probably be a pretty bad blow to getting
this out to Sean's dad(makes people nervous).  While most open source
programs have really great extension mechanisms, there are a lot of people
who don't want to take the time to set any of that up (how many people do
you know who run firefox stone stock?).  It would be cool to have a list of
desktop software options up on the wiki, but we definitely

Anyways, I'm really talking out my ear, since I haven't looked at any of the
included apps yet either(are there any yet?... are we just using the desktop
program of your choice?).

On 7/12/07, Mark <markitect at> wrote:
> I have to agree; when the phone hits mass availability, the average
> user (assuming mass adoption) will be in windows.  That would
> effectively make it just another phone to them.  I guess I just
> assumed the linux apps were being written to be easily portable when
> the time comes.
> I haven't looked at the Linux host apps at all , but as long as they
> are gtk based it might not be too painful.  We might also bundle it
> with the required cygwin dlls, but personally I hate that solution.
> There may also need to be some driver work, does anyone know if it
> will show up as a mass storage device to windows?

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