Windows Client Software: The hard truth.

Mark Crowley markcrowley at
Fri Jul 13 10:21:36 CEST 2007

I am of the opinion that a sync solution should just work regardless of the
paired computers hardware, OS, and backend contacts and calendar storage

I agree with not re-inventing the wheel and that the SyncML client in
OpenMoko should look after the devices PIM synchronisation requirements.

In my limited knowledge of the subject, provides numerous
clients and a server component to synchronise with. In this setup, OpenMoko,
Evolution, Thunderbird, iMail, Outlook, Outlook Express, PocketPC etc are
all clients of the server component. For example, to sync
OpenMoko with Evolution would first require (1) OpenMoko syncing with server. (2) Evolution syncing with server (or
vice-versa) and the job is done.

In the scenario just outlined, there is a definite requirement for the server component. This however is not something I would not
like to have to install just sync up my PIM.

Right then, on to the next part of the puzzle. How do we sync OpenMoko with
another client using SyncML without the need to install the funambol.comserver? provide a synchronisation framework which acts as
an intermediary between clients to marshal the syncronisation. This in
itself is not enough as I dont't think it supports IP connections from a
client. e.g. you cannot specify http://<yourpcipaddress>/<syncsomething> as
a target from a SyncML client. (opensync does support irda, bluetooth, and
usb connections though which might be options. (The holy grail though is
siting in my living room away from my pc and just hit sync!)). Also, I don't
know how cross platform opensync is. There are possibly Win32 application
that do this sort of thing also.

So, this is the gap. In my unenlightened opinion, we need a NON full SyncML
server which acts a intermediary between clients to marshal the
synchronisation. This intermediary should accept http connections from the
OpenMoko device and sync with another client.

Again, to re-iterate, sync solutions that do not work for average Joe with
the least amount of effort are of little to no use. I have pained for many
years to get a sync solution that I am happy with. One that is easy to
setup, supports the device I want to sync and ultimately, provides accurate
synchronisations that I can trust without having to backup contact
databases, compare results etc.

Apologies for the length of this mail, any technical inaccuracies, gross
miss understandings of the subject matter, spelling internationalisation
issues in advance,

I am new here,

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