Windows Client Software: The hard truth.

Jeff Andros jeff at
Fri Jul 13 05:18:45 CEST 2007

Bryce et al
sorry, I was typing without a lot of sleep, that's that I meant to come
across.  I think the optimum solution would be to find another open source
project that is willing to work out a partnership deal... basically we'd
distribute a branded copy of their software (<name of cool sync software
project here />: openmoko edition (pretty much we change the logo and
title... make sure that the other project 1. agrees and 2. gets mucho
acknoledgement for their contribution)) they get more exposure, we get a
really good sync solution, and the consumers get peace of mind.  Then on the
wiki we provide a list of other sync solutions if whatever we choose doesn't
meet their needs.  The idea in it's entirety is to give people their warm
fuzzies on an "official" sync solution, but also be totally open about the
fact that there's a world of other sync solutions out there.  There's enough
already out there that we don't need to be re-inventing the wheel on another
sync system.

I'd like to see a list on the wiki of various sync software, with people's
opinions on then, then we select the "official-ish" one from the best on the
list.  It's been years since I've used anything resembling sync software,
and that was in my pre-linux days so even then it was activesync or I'd get
it rolling, but if someone wants to throw that up there, it'd be awesome

P.S. hopefully this makes sense... I'm pretty sleep deprived at the moment

On 7/12/07, Bryce Leo <bryce.leo at> wrote:
> Hey there jeff. I totally agree that choice is key but I think that I
> feel there needs to be one basic sync app distributed with the phone.
> I don't see much of a problem with building one that's easy to
> maintain and cross platform. Java is great at the cross platform thing
> and funambol on the j2se base and Sync4J on the jt22 base seem to have
> the necessary serer parts to be hackable into working the way that we
> want.
> >From what I've looked for I haven't found any included windows desktop
> sync apps, or much window support at all, but i'm sure once more kits
> get out there the driver will harden up and the clients will start
> popping into alpha and beta pretty quick.

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