Windows Client Software: The hard truth.

Phil Schaffner P.R.Schaffner at
Sun Jul 15 14:55:51 CEST 2007

On Fri, 2007-07-13 at 15:56 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> Oh it can do a lot more than that - HTML supports file up/download so you
> can do neat things like:
> 	"Download recent calls as .csv"
> 	"Download contacts list as .csv"
> 	"Upload new phone book"
> 	"Install package"  (when you've got it on PC disk ready to add)
> Also
> 	Dial
> 	Make GPS connection [with a window showing current status of
> connection etc + disconnect button]
> 	Query GPRS co-ordinates
> are really easy.

Very interesting ideas, especially considering the source.  Maybe
OpenMoko will make the big time. :-)

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