Cannot satisfy fstests

Rodolphe Ortalo rodolphe.ortalo at
Sun Jul 15 18:36:05 CEST 2007

I get the following error when trying to run the Neo qemu-based emulator
via a (probably very standard) MokoMakefile setup.

It looks similar to the issue raised in bug 607, but this one is marked
resolved so I guess I made a mistake. Any idea why this core dump
occurs? (I'm on Ubuntu, sh->bash, etc.)


ortalo at hurricane:/space/moko$ nice make qemu
cat .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec > .64sec
cat .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec > .512sec
cat .512sec .512sec .512sec .512sec > .2ksec
cat .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec > .16ksec
# Neo NAND is 128k sectors big
cat .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec >
rm -rf .8b .16b .512b .sec .8sec .64sec .512sec .2ksec .16ksec
make[1]: quittant le répertoire « /space/moko/build/qemu/openmoko »
Please wait, programming the NAND flash...
openmoko/ line 88: 12999 Erreur de segmentation  (core dumped)
$qemu -mtdblock "$script_dir/$flash_base" -kernel "$script_dir/$1"
-serial stdio -nographic -usb -monitor null 0<&0

U-boot failed to finish writing in 300 seconds, giving up.

make: *** [flash-qemu-official] Erreur 255
ortalo at hurricane:/space/moko$ 

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