On Screen Keyboard needs work.

John Seghers jseghers at cequint.com
Mon Jul 16 21:28:17 CEST 2007

Bryce Leo wrote:
> I've been playing around more and more with the emulated OpenMoko
> environment and I absolutely loath that On screen keyboard.

I, too, have been using it.  I've also been using it with the Terminal app.
There are a number of problems.

1) There seems to be no way to enter control characters. How are we, then,
to enter ^C, ^D, or ^Z to a terminal? While these may not be needed for
everyday apps, they surely are needed when having to use the terminal.

2) There are no cursor keys.  Again, many interactions with the terminal
require them, and many applications, not specifically designed for the
phone, will need them for navigation as well.

3) Delete does not work well with the Terminal.  It appears to be using the
glass TTY method of backspace-space-backspace to erase the prior character,
but the backspace isn't being interpreted properly by the terminal display,
so instead you get BOX-space-BOX for each deleted character.

4) What *is* the bottom button of the input type selectors used for? It
seems to just make itself more "lit" the more times you press it.

- John

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